Monetize your inventory
with our predictive algorithm.

Simple and Smart optimization combined with 24-7 support, helps publishers get the most out of their inventory.

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Site Owners


Monetize your site and manage all your ad inventory through a single platform


Maximize the revenue for each impression


Programmatic selling combined with fully dedicated support team ensures revenue maximization for every impression sold on the marketplace

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App Developers


Increase your ad revenue

Various types of campaigns and advertisers.


App monetization made easier

Self serve capabilities, manage your inventory and ad spaces.



Standard IAB and Mobile Interstitials.

Sidekick ensures high quality demand and top results for each impression. Avoid demand decentralization by connecting to more the leading DSP partners across all screens and channels.

Gain access to all quality buyers

Our Engine technology enables Publishers to manage audience
extension and performance buys in one integrated platform

Networks and Media Agencies

Organize your Ad selling in a simple user friendly experience


Streamline your ad inventory in one single platform



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